Commentaries: Gill, Calvin, Poole, Henry;  Sermons by Spurgeon;

Systematic Theo: Louis Berkhof, JL Dagg


  • Institutes of the Christian Religion, by Calvin;
  • The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theo by Pascal Denault;
  • Denominations or Asssociations?, Ed. by James Renihan;
  • The Israel of God, by O. T. Robertson;
  • The End Times Made Simple, by Samuel Waldron;
  • Signs of the Apostles, by Walter Chantry;
  • In Defense of the Decalogue, by Richard Barcellos;
  • By His Grace and For His Glory, by Tom Nettles;
  • Today’s Evangelism by Ernest Reisinger;
  • Today’s Gospel by Walter Chantry;
  • The Sovereignty of God, by AW Pink.